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Corps Defense


Wonderful tower defense game. Prepare yourself to face the corps from other stars. Use your brain and strategy, Build your construction to protect base from the enemies!Corps Defense is an epic tower defense game. Build powerful defending towers such as Gatling, Heavy Gun, Energy Cannon and Tesla to guard your base. In the battle, you will face the Marines, Goliath, Tank, Wraith Plane and the even great Battle Cruisers.Defeat the enemies and get enough money to build and upgrade your towers. Use the Super weapons to destroy enemy’s corps!FEATURES:- FREE TO PLAY, 10 different maps- 6 high-power towers;- Fighter battle, be careful with the Wraith fighter and Cruiser.- Build your towers and make an undefeatable base.- Gain Crystal and money to upgrade your ability.- Defend your base with Gatling, Heavy Gun, Energy Cannon and Tesla.